Our Company

We are a modern digital agency specialising in all aspects of web design and development with additional services in design, hosting, online marketing, newsletters, security, support and training.

We tend to have an emphasis on bespoke educational and informational sites, but our work spans from state government, all levels of education, NGOs, small businesses and individuals; and we are looking forward to working with you.

Our Team

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Alan Davison
Director & Drupal Architect
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Michael Strelan
Senior Developer & Drupal Strategist
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Richard Spring
Designer & app developer


While GreenAcorn was founded in 2014, our tightknit and experienced team have had significant experience together in with the strategy, planning, design, development, deployment, training and support of content-managed websites. We have built and/or supported hundreds of sites since 2007 under Glo Digital (2007 through to June 2014) and GreenAcorn (since July 2014).

Open Source

We are dedicated to providing open source solutions for web-based projects. We fully believe in open source solutions to minimise cost and maximise security and we believe that giving back is the key to success. We have been developing in the open source CMS Drupal since 2007, both with our own clients and contributing back to the greater Drupal community.

We don't reinvent the wheel

Drupal has over 17,000 add-ons (known as modules) available, no doubt including at least some of the functionality you require. Furthermore, Drupal provides an architecture that allows us to extend, modify or copy any of this functionality.

Intellectual Property

Our standard policy regarding Intellectual Property (IP) is that all IP developed during the course of a project is owned by you, our client.

This should give you significant peace of mind in that you’re entitled to take the source code for your site to other hosting or another vendor if you so choose. Furthermore, you’ll never have to pay licencing costs because you have rights to your own source code.

Your rights are also covered by the General Public License (GPL) version 3 that all of our code is developed or released under.

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